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Central’s New Life Group Initiative Launched

New Lenten Semester
“Life Groups”
Sign-up Begins in January

An all-new roster of Life Group opportunities will be offered to Central’s members and friends as we en-ter the New Year. We have had so many positive reports from members and leaders of our 5 fall SIMPLIFY Life Groups. The new semester of Life Groups begins mid-February, and we hope even more people will get on board as our church contin-ues to discover the new life that this vital new initi-ative brings to our entire congregation. As of this writing we have a nice variety of groups on the way. Some of them are:
*Jerri Gibbs leading a “Caps for Preemies” knitting project group.
*Joi Tennant leading a discussion group based on the book, C.S. Lewis: A Case for Christ, and weekly interviews from the C.S. Lewis Institute. This group will begin in ear-ly March.
*Shannon Spasova teaching Beginning Bell-Ringer Basics, just for fun, for ages 10 to 80. No performing! You will have the option of joining the church bell choir at a later time if you are interested.
*Bill McCracken leading a “Great Courses” DVD study, in Bill and Faye’s home, “Earth’s Chang-ing Climate.”
*Rev. Bill Amundsen offering a Friday evening book study — to be announced — in Cathy and Bill’s home beginning in January.
*Pastor Linda leading a series of film discussions, “God in the Movies” beginning with Downton Abbey.

First class will be February 7, 7p.m. at 946 Harrison Rd. Sign up and details will be for-warded to you.
“Sign-up” for groups begins Sunday, January 8 in Fellowship Hall. You may indicate your in-terest in a group, and we will contact you by Feb. 1 to try to accommodate the most people with the best time, date and location that can be arranged, according to the best option for each group leader.

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