Easter Blog

See the Rising!

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is not just something that happened to Jesus of Nazareth. Resurrection happened to the disciples as they moved from a rag-tag group, grieving the death of their leader, to a community set on fire by the presence of their living Lord and the power given them by the Spirit of God.

Resurrection is the power of God’s love made visible. It is the whole of our faith as Christians. It is the source of our hope; the foundation of our trust in God. Resurrection happens to us in both our living and our dying. Resurrection raises us from all that would make us despair; from all that would separate us from God. Resurrection lifts our lives into God’s eternal life, the life of never ending love.

Resurrection is the power of God’s love to revive us, as he did Jesus, to restore us to our true life in God, and renew us and renew our world. And the world needs resurrection. The world needs resurrection from the death grip of war and violence, from the tombs of indifference that leave people in anguish. We all need the rising of loves power to transform the way we live, to end oppressive systems, heal the wounded earth and create a new way of living in peace for all people. And God has given us, in Christ’s Church, the power of His resurrection and promise, a promise that he is with us, even to the end of the age .That presence and power is given to us to bear witness to resurrection, to practice that resurrection, to bring the resurrection blessing of new life to our homes, our communities and to ourselves.

Jesus Christ is risen for you. God has raised him for your family, God has raised him for his church, God has raised him for Lansing, He is risen for Michigan, He is risen for our nation, and He is risen to save the world. He is risen indeed! And he calls us, his disciples, to be on fire with resurrection power. To know it, to glow it, to give it and live it, and then stand amazed and see the rising.

The tomb is empty Halleluiah! Practice resurrection! See the rising!

Rev. Linda Farmer-Lewis  Easter 2016