Easter Sunday

Re-Opening “In-Person Worship” at Lansing Central UMC

The SAFE-WORSHIP COMMITTEE has met and we are pleased to share that Central UMC will welcome you to “In-Person Worship” on Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021, at 10:00 AM.

Our previous experience tells us that Central people will follow guidelines in order that we can continue. In-Person Worship as long as conditions remain amenable to that. Thank you for your help in order that we may Worship and Fellowship together in safety. We will continue to watch the numbers and the CDC guidelines and respond appropriately to keep us safe.

While we know there is a current spike in COVID-19 numbers in the Capitol area in which we are located, those numbers are well below what they were while we were open before. We also know that many of our people are hungry for some social interaction which is part and parcel for the family called United Methodism, and especially the worshiping congregation at Central. When YOU decide to join “In-Person worship,” thank you for complying with the following, some of which you’ll remember from before.

1. Please arrive a bit early because we need to do the hand-sanitization, and temperature checks at either the Ottawa or Capitol Avenue doors on arrival. It’s easier to keep our distances if everyone doesn’t arrive at the same time.

2. Plan to bring a mask or receive a mask on arrival. The wearing of masks is mandatory!

 3. Persons who do not live together must maintain social-distancing in the Church Building including the Sanctuary, Hallways, and Fellowship Hall. Tables will be available in the Fellowship Hall, around which we can gather to talk to one another if the weather is inclement. They will aid us in maintaining our social-distancing. There will be no food or beverages served in Fellowship Hall for the near future.

 4. We are asking that if you have been traveling or show any other symptoms of COVID, that you self quarantine for 14 days before joining us for in-person worship. This is an extra precaution as we try to keep everyone safe.

 5. As was the case when we were open before, pews in the sanctuary are marked off for Social-Distancing between family groups.

 6. For Easter Sunday, the “Hallelujah Chorus” will not be sung by the congregation as has been traditional at Central. That chorus will be sung by vocalists appropriately distanced from the congregation. Persons at home are urged to join in the “Hallelujah Chorus” and to sing to your heart’s content.

 7. Regarding vaccines: As we know, the vaccines for Covid-19 are significantly reducing the number of people who get infected and seriously ill. However, the current guidelines are that people who have been vaccinated should continue to wear masks in public.

Remember, whenever you plan to re-join “In-Person Worship” you will be heartily welcomed here at Central UMC.