Your Wedding at Central United Methodist Church

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! Central United Methodist Church is pleased to be considered a part of your important wedding day and beyond. Weddings are an important ministry of our church and we are happy to assist you in yours.

Lansing Central United Methodist Church is an historic church in downtown Lansing located at 215 N. Capitol Avenue directly across from the State’s Capitol building and was designed by the same architect as the State Capitol building.

Parking is available in the Church’s parking lot on Capitol Avenue (to the north of the church) evenings and weekends and in the ramp on the corner of Townsend and Ionia. We also have some available parking in the Ottawa Street lot southwest of the church. Our building is handicap accessible and elevators are available.

To schedule a tour of the church’s facilities call the church during weekday hours from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM at (517) 485-9477.  To secure the date for your wedding, a deposit is required. The total cost of a wedding at Central UMC is approximately $1300.00 depending on number of musicians, candles etc. Full refund of fees will be granted in case of cancellation, less a cancellation fee of $100.00.

Church Facilities

Central United Methodist Church’s sanctuary seats approximately 550 people. The chapel seats approximately 65 people. Dressing rooms are provided for the bride, groom and the wedding party, if desired.

The church will be available 2 hours prior to your actual scheduled wedding ceremony for photographs and preparation time for the bridal party. We also allow one hour after the ceremony for photographs.

Receptions can be held in Central’s large Fellowship Hall or Dining Room. A caterer is located nearby or you may choose another caterer to host your reception. No alcoholic beverages may be brought to or consumed on the church property. Costs for receptions are determined by number of guests and range from $400.00-$700.00 for the use of either of the above rooms.

A church wedding hostess and a building attendant from the church are required for all weddings. The wedding hostess will be present for the rehearsal and wedding to help answer questions and be available to assist the wedding party. A building attendant will be available at the reception desk to open and close the building for your rehearsal and wedding and be of general assistance.

Central’s organ is to be played by Central’s organist. If the organist is not available on the date of your wedding, an organist will be found for you. You may opt for a pianist or string quartet of your own choosing and fee will be adjusted accordingly. Our church organ is a magnificent instrument and will be a memorable part of your wedding day should you choose to include it.

The Basic Order for a Christian Wedding Service

  • Prelude / Special Music
  • Processional
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Declaration of Intention
  • Blessing of the Families
  • Prayer of Praise
  • Scripture Lesson
  • Sermon (optional, this is usually very short)
  • Prayer of Intercession
  • Exchange of Vows
  • Presentation of the Rings
  • Blessing of the Rings
  • Exchange of the Rings
  • Lighting of the Unity Candle (optional)
  • Pronouncement of Marriage
  • Prayer of Blessing
  • Lord’s Prayer
  • Recessional
  • Postlude

Order of service may be modified in consultation with the pastor.

Counseling with the Pastor

The minister takes time not only to counsel with you about your wedding itself, but also to counsel for the things that create a strong and happy marriage. Usually the pastor and couple meet three times prior to the wedding to discuss preparations for the ceremony, preparing for marriage itself and support for the couple as they move toward this important day. The pastor is also available to the couple following the wedding for counsel and support. Appointments are arranged with couples’ schedules in mind. Central’s policy requires that a United Methodist pastor officiate. Pastors of other denominations may officiate with Central’s pastor at Central’s pastor’s invitation.

The Wedding Rehearsal

The rehearsal takes less than an hour and usually takes place the night before the wedding. All persons participating in the service, including parents, should be present. The wedding license should be brought to the rehearsal. In a wedding without rehearsal, the license should be given to the pastor a day before the wedding.

Arrangements may be made to bring dresses, tuxes, and unity candles, etc., to the rehearsal instead of waiting for the day of the wedding. The wedding hostesses is happy to help you.

The Wedding Day

The church will be open two hours before the service. The bride, groom and attendants should be ready for one-half hour before the ceremony. Parents and grandparents will be seated especially just before the service. Ushers are provided by the families.

Decorations and Candles

Our beautiful sanctuary and chapel are ideal settings for the marriage ceremony. While our beautiful sanctuary needs no decorating, pew bows are acceptable, provided they are attached with ribbon, pipe cleaners or rubber bands. If you schedule your wedding during the Christmas season, the sanctuary will already be decorated for Christmas. Experience has taught us that rice, birdseed, and confetti are harmful to our facilities and therefore, cannot be used.

The wedding couple is responsible for providing the unity candle, if one will be used. All other candles will be provided by the church for $25.00.  We have candelabras available should you choose to use them.

Photographers and Videographers

It is customary that flash pictures not to be taken during the wedding ceremony as they detract from the sacredness of the occasion. Timed exposures from the balcony by the photographer are acceptable.

If you plan to have a video made of your wedding, we advise that the videographer choose a spot in the balcony or the rear of the sanctuary.

Personal Possessions

Personal possessions such as purses, wallets and cameras should not be left in rooms during or after the wedding ceremony. Central United Methodist Church is not responsible for items left in the dressing rooms or on the premises.

We want your celebration to be as beautiful and meaningful as possible. We are also here to be a part of your life as you go forward and you are welcome to make Central your church home for years to come.

Pastor – Rev. Linda Farmer-Lewis, Organist – Caryn Welter

Administrative Secretary and Wedding Hostess – Pat Mort