The Season of Lent is a time of quiet reflection, a time to bring our deepest thoughts and feelings to God and to listen for the Divine voice. Often people observe Lent with spiritual disciplines, such as prayer, meditation, fasting, or service to others. This year Lent began on Ash Wednesday February 26, and it ends with the joyous celebration of new and renewed life on Easter Sunday, April 12. We invite you to join us on our pilgrimage during this holy season through one of the spiritual disciplines: prayer.

Prayer Stations
We invite you to stop in for a quick or longer time of reflection and prayer. Prayer stations are available throughout the church during Lent, offering a quiet place to pray, to listen for the still but faithful voice of the Holy One.

Our prayer stations offer new and familiar ways to pray.
physical ways to pray, including a finger labyrinth, a community prayer we each add to, a singing bowl, movement suggestions for your prayers, water, and aromas.

There is no right way to be in deeper connection with the Holy One.
Come. Pray. Listen.
Be renewed as you experience the peace and love that comes from meeting the Divine within.