Many have heard about the vote by our denomination in February which negatively impacted our LGBTQ family.  The church leadership has made the following response:

“In opposition to the outcome of the United Methodist General Conference of 2019, Central United Methodist Church commits to the equity and worth of all people regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, gender, socio-economic class, political persuasion, disability, national origin, or other status.

We seek to provide a safe and respectful community where all can experience the love of God fully and serve one another faithfully. Central UMC will be available for all weddings, inclusive of same gender ceremonies.”

Join Us this Sunday at 9:30 for our service.

*Previous Sermons  can be found on our You Tube Channel

Chancel Choir

Central United Methodist Church has drawn the faithful to downtown Lansing for 170 years . We are diverse in economic status, racial mixture, sexual orientation, religious viewpoints, and political thought. Central is a safe place for all to express their viewpoints within Christian love and respect for each other.

We reach out in church, on the AM radio (1240 WJIM), on TV, and on the internet.

Coffee and Snacks Time offers warm hospitality before the service beginning at 9:00 and immediately following worship.

To be with us in church, there is ample parking on the street (with handicap spaces reserved), in lots on the north and west side of the church (across from the capitol) and in the state ramp around the corner west of the church.


outside sign

Community, Friendship & Service to others reflect our mission.

We share the mission of the United Methodist Church worldwide: “To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” For us, that means following Jesus, the Christ.

Jesus Christ is Emmanuel, “God among us” that empowers live out unconditional love so that we might bring into reality God’s vision for the world. That vision is a world of peace and reconciliation that God can bring. It is a world in which divine love is in the sharing with the poor and marginalized and where there is dignity for all people and creation. God’s vision includes a better future and a growing personal – communal relationship with God for all.

Come, be a part of the heart of Christ in the heart of Lansing.